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SkyTech operations cover the creation and processing of information, delivering it, and managing it. Our designers enhance its usability. We provide end-to-end services, right from content planning to maintenance.

We have targeted to offers multiple solutions in different domains and is in the process of building solution frameworks which are scalable and extensible.


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Services List

E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce development has acquired great importance in the modern day business. It has helped business organizations, businessmen and end users to overcome the barriers of time and distance to sell, buy and carry out other business transactions across the globe.

To make your ecommerce design a hit with your customers, we provide a unique identity to your website by focusing on designs that increase conversion rate. Whether you are starting a new ecommerce site or just looking for a redesign, we make sure to provide finest e-commerce web designing solutions to convert your site into one of the best online retail stores.

From product selling to subscription, to online payment options, our expert ecommerce website designers can design a custom E-commerce website that meets all your business requirements.

Web Application

Sky Tech is a reliable service provider of all your web application development needs. We have come up with a vast experience in handling enterperise level projects such as e-Commerce, Desitination management,Event Management and eLearning application.

Kind of applications we can and have developed

 e-Commerce applications.

 Rich CMS based cooperate websites.

 Social media , Job portals , Dating sites , eLearning etc

Along with this we can also develop custom application tailored for you based on your buisness requirement.

Desktop Application Solutions

Sky Tech provides custom software development services to clients when their business strategies and requirements are not adequately met by readymade softwares. We work closely with the clients to understand their business objectives, define their software requirements, write specifications by involving our experienced business analyst and subject matter expert, design, architect, develop, test and integrate the custom software across multiple other systems and platforms including internet, cloud and standalone systems enabling the system to function and optimally operate seamlessly for our clients.

With our custom software development services, we help clients build and integrate sophisticated business applications and websites. We create and deploy robust, scalable and extensible applications which are useful in various industries.

Our custom application development services include:

 Application design, development, and implementation

 Software maintenance and support

 Business analysis and requirement documentation

 User interface design, web development, PSD to HTML conversion services

 Implementation of off the shelf system and software packages such as SharePoint

 Re-engineering, migration, modernization, performance tuning and porting services

 Implementation of off the shelf system and software packages such as SharePoint

Data Base Solutions

Do not criticise your business’s lack of database management for its down turn? If you want to be in control of your database and want to manage it well, then your search ends at SkyTech Developments. Sky Tech, a leading web database application development company ensures that all the benefits of custom database applications get to you.

Benefits of database applications:

 Data is made available to authorized persons across departments, quickly

 The amount of data redundancy is minimized

 Improved security of the database

 Flexibility in database management

 Customized applications for satisfying specific database needs and requirements

 Makes decision simpler and more effective

 Quick and convenient assimilation, collaboration and corroboration of data

Responsive Web designing

User interface design is always most important and creative part of any application development.We at SkyTech gives quite importance to the user interface as that is the first thing customers would be looking at. UI should be impressive and should tell users about its purpose. We also take care that it is easy to use and user friendly

Our technical expertise includes the following:

 Website Development languages and technologies: HTML5, DHTML, CSS3, Bootstrap etc.

 Interface Design tools: Notepad++ Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash


We have observed that many companies start with template-based systems or use very basic administrative tools to maintain their websites. They have one person (content writer) responsible for writing the content, and another person (IT or web developer) responsible for implementing the changes. Initially this setup could work well, but becomes extremely challenging when the site as well as the content grows organically. What used to take just one person to manage the entire website, now takes many. Also the process becomes so inefficient that it takes more time and money than is necessary.

Our customer approached us with these listed challenges

 Quick and easy management – It takes more time in editing and uploading the content

 Ease of use – I cannot update my website on my own terms

 Scalability – I cannot scale up my website

 Security – The content on my website is not secured

 Cost-effective - Managing the website is becoming costly for me

 Accessibility - I cannot access / update my website from anywhere else

 Consistency – I do not see my website consistent throughout

 SEO Friendly – My website does not seems to be SEO friendly

At Sky Tech we assist our customer in developing, extremely user friendly Content Management System (CMS) solutions based on their needs and requirements. We provide an intuitive user interface (UI) for building and modifying webpage content that allows one or more users to publish and update content live on the web.
We have extensive experience working on different types of CMS platforms like: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, TextPattern, Radiant CMS, Cushy CMS, SilverStripe, Alfresco, TYPOlight etc.

We make your website: Easier to use, less expensive to maintain, and more secure.

 Faster turnaround time for new pages and changes

 Increased site flexibility, support for decentralised authoring

 Streamlined authoring process

 Greater consistency, improved site navigation

 Increased security


Mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone are expressing fast towards becoming an integral component of the modern business environment. With Mobile technology taking center stage in today’s world, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to ensure that users of these devices are able to quickly and easily access information in either a native application format or in a mobile web environment. These smart devices are not only trendy; they have developed into a major part of our everyday lives.

Today, mobile apps development is focused towards social networking applications, mobile games, mobile media streaming, mobile advertising, and lots more. Mobile Applications gives a cutting edge to the whole concept of selling and buying products and goods with e-commerce and mobile interfaces stimulating the organizations to eye Enterprise Mobility as a lever to improve operational excellence and efficiencies, reduce cost, and enhance customer experience.

Developing mobile application needs an array of innovative and vibrant approach using several latest mobile gadgets. Designing and developing a mobile application should always be done by professionals who understand the market and is well-versed with required technologies. At Microlucid, we take special pride in designing and developing some of the most user friendly, unique and attractive mobile phone apps that are customized according to the specs of each individual client. Faster, richer and enhanced mobile applications are the trademark of Microlucid mobile application development team.

Industrial training

Our training, coaching and consulting is only part of the equation. Our clients produce remarkable results because together we translate new skills and behaviors into habits and culture. Our job is to inspire people to have a greater sense of them, instill in them a lifelong thirst for achieving more than they thought possible and a passion for self development. Our team focuses on customer project planning and design, cost estimates, special attention is paid to analysis and development of complex IT systems.

Network solution

We have sound understanding of business process to deliver custom software solution.

Technical support

We have sound understanding of business process to deliver custom software solution.


Outsourcing with Sky Tech accomplishes more than just cost savings. Outsourcing can help your organization meet strategic business objectives bringing about a fundamental positive shift in the business process.
Sky Tech provides a broad range of Outsourcing services.

Customer Support Services

  • Product support and customer support call center
  • Helpdesk support services like computer hardware help, Ambulance services etc.
  • Email, telephone and online support services.

Maintenance Services

  • Computer hardware system
  • Local area networks
  • Wireless network
  • Router
  • Software/application

Data Processing Services
A data processing system is a system that is designed to process data that has been captured and encoded in a format that is familiar to the data processing system. It manipulates the input data to produce an output data that is in form of audio, video, graphic, numeric or text that is desired by the system users.

Back office operation

A data processing system is a system that is designed to process data that has been captured and encoded in a format that is familiar to the data processing system. It manipulates the input data to produce an output data that is in form of audio, video, graphic, numeric or text that is desired by the system users.

Template design

We have sound understanding of business process to deliver custom software solution.